How a Pelvic Filler Can Enhance Vaginal Sensitivity

A pelvic filler is used to enhance the sensitivity of your vaginal tissue. It works by using hyaluronic acid, your body’s natural filler.골반필러추천

The treatment rejuvenates the sensitivity of your vaginal area, helping you to feel more comfortable during sex and improve urinary incontinence. It also improves the size of your labia instantly and helps to hydrate, smooth out and firm up the skin and muscle of the outer vagina.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a procedure designed to restore the size and shape of your vagina, both in terms of appearance and function. Common issues that may be addressed include a sagging or bulging vulva (open vagina) and labia minora (inner lip) and labia majora (outer lips).

Women experience changes in their vulva and labia from pregnancy, childbirth, and aging, causing the muscles and surrounding tissues to weaken and lose elasticity. This can cause a feeling of looseness and sagging in the genital area, resulting in pain or discomfort while intercourse and urinary leakage.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments are typically performed in an office setting with little, if any, local anesthetic used. They use two common treatment techniques, one using radio frequency, or RF, devices (such as ThermiVa and Viveve) that heat the tissue to promote collagen production, and another using laser technology that tightens the labia.

Labia Enhancement

A pelvic filler can help to reduce the size and improve the shape of the labia majora. These injections can also be used to address asymmetry of the labia minora and enhance the outer lips of the vagina.

Having enlarged, asymmetrical labia can cause a variety of issues, including discomfort during sex and difficulty wearing tight clothing. It can also impact a woman’s confidence and sexual enjoyment.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon offers labiaplasty, which is performed on the vulva to reduce or eliminate these concerns. This procedure can improve a woman’s appearance and confidence while preventing further problems with the outer labia.

Another way to add volume to the outer labia is through fat transfer. This involves fatty tissue from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen or inner thighs, being harvested and purified before being injected into the labia majora.

G-Shot Amplification

G-Shot Amplification is a simple clinical treatment that is designed to non-surgically enhance sexual satisfaction among women. This procedure stimulates the “Grafenberg Spot” with a natural, FDA-approved collagen filler.

The Grafenberg Spot is an erogenous area of the vagina that is often associated with intense orgasms during intercourse. It is located 4-5 cm inside the vagina and is referred to as the “G-Spot.”

However, many women may find it difficult to reach this erogenous region during intercourse. This problem can lead to sexual dissatisfaction and may even be an indication of an underlying hormonal imbalance or a genital hernia.

G-Shot Amplification is a relatively quick and easy office-based treatment that is typically performed under local anesthesia. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete and results typically last up to 4 months before repeat injections are needed.

Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant sensation in the body that can be sharp, dull, aching, burning or strong. It can be caused by an injury or illness, and can be acute (lasting a short time) or chronic (lasting a long time or coming back often).

Acute pain is usually temporary and gets better after treatment of the underlying cause. It may come from injuries or infections such as shingles and appendicitis.

The goal of pain management is to lessen the amount of pain a person feels while also helping them understand their pain and how it affects their daily life. There are many different types of treatments, and the right one for you will depend on your individual needs.닥터케빈의원