How to Submit a Request for Correction to the USDA

a request for correction

A request for correction is a formal request that you submit to a government department or public sector body to ask that it correct personal information it holds about you.

If the government department or public sector body makes the correction, it has to inform any other departments, public sector bodies or third parties it has shared that information with about the change.

If the department or public sector body decides not to make the correction you asked for, it has to make a note of what you asked for and give you a reason. 위너넷

The process for submitting a request for correction to a government department or public sector body in Ontario is straightforward and you should hear back from the relevant service within 1 to 2 weeks.

However, you may need to wait longer if your request is complex or there are more than one department or public sector body involved in the information.

You can also get help from Information Access and Privacy Services before you submit your request to a government department or public sector body.

These experts can answer your questions about the application process, help you identify what information is held by which service and let you know if you should try contacting the relevant service directly instead of submitting a formal request.

How to Submit a Request for Correction

To submit a request for correction of USDA information, you must submit it to the information quality official(s) at the agency or office that disseminated the information (henceforth in these procedures, “USDA agency”).

You must include as much of the following information as possible: name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number or email address, and organizational affiliation. If the information disseminated is subject to a comment period, the request must be submitted during that time.

Most USDA publications, reports, and data files include a contact person who is knowledgeable about the product and can answer questions about it. Users should consult first with the USDA contact person and if no specific contact person is listed, should contact the agency to find out who to contact. 위너넷 인트로

USDA has developed an information quality page on its Web site which will be used to post requests for corrections of information and requests for reconsideration.

The page will list information on who made the request for correction, why the request was filed, and what actions were taken by the agency in response to the request for correction.

Whether to Respond to a Request for Correction

In determining whether to respond to a request for correction, the USDA agency will consider the accuracy of the request and its potential impact on the agency’s projects and policies or on important private sector decisions.

If the request is stale, as in the case of information that was not disseminated recently or has no continuing significance to the agency, or if the request is frivolous or made in bad faith, the USDA agency will not consider it for processing. 위너넷